The First TURKISH NEWSPAPER (Takvim-i Vekayi)

It was the first official weekly newspaper, published in Istanbul. Later it was published irregularly. It was composed of six parts: domestic news, foreign news, military affairs, science, the appointments of the theologians, commerce and prices. The newspaper was translated into French, Arabic, Greek and Armenian. The main aim of the newspaper was to educate people and to inform them about the state laws and administrations ( 1 November 1831–4 November 1922).

Takvim-i Vekayi” was began to be pressed in a building located behind today’s Istanbul University with the command of Sultan Mahmud II. Historian Esad Efendi was appointed as the director and many famous people wrote for the newspaper. On 26 October 1831, two paged brochure of “m-i Vekayi” was published. In the first months “Takvim-i Vekayi” was planned to be published weekly, but for a long time it was pressed irregularly. Because of the multi-national characteristic of the Ottoman State it was pressed in French, Arabic, Persian, Greek, and Armenian. After 1860, just the official regulations and announcements were published and in 1878, its publication was interrupted. It was began to be republished between 1891-1892. However it was closed by Sultan Abdulhamid because of the mistake about the Sultan’s sign. After a short time, with the declaration of the second constitutional government in 1908, it was started to be published again until the end of the Independence War (1919-1922).


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