After staying a while in Mecca, Sultan Mehmet Vahiduddin went to San Remo, in Italy and stayed there till his death. The King of Italy, with whom, Sultan Mehmet Vahiduddin, met as a prince, told the Sultan that he could stay in any pavilion that he wishes. But the answer of Sultan Vahiduddin was so broadly: “Thanks to the majestic King of Italy, I’m astonished with his majesties politeness and generosity. But still because of being the caliph of the Muslims, I cannot accept such an offer.”

Actually he was having difficult days, even some nights he could not find anything to eat, despite this situation Sultan Mehmet Vahiduddin, was not worrying about himself, since the state and people got their freedom.”

Sultan Mehmet Vahiduddin was not angry to anyone for the unlucky things that he underwent. One day his chief assistant, Mr Avni, asked a very interesting question to him:

“If one day victoriously, you return homeland, what will you do to Mustafa Kemal?”

Before answering the question Sultan Mehmet Vahiduddin closed his eyes and after a short time he answer the question:

“My ancestor, Yavuz Sultan Selim departed to make a war with the Persians. His soldiers suffered from the long expeditions. At the end the soldiers decided to kill Yavuz Sultan Selim Khan to rescue from campaign. One of them said that he would kill the Sultan. He concealed himself on the Sultan’s way. As Sultan Selim was coming on his horse, with a great majesty and pomp. The soldier, who decided to kill him, saw the Sultan as if a lion and could not have killed him. He left his sword and appeared from his place. Then started to implore in tears.

“My sultan, kill me, I have engraved it. Because I had decided to kill you.” Yavuz Sultan Selim took pity on him and said:

“Go, I forgive you, we always need a such courageous soldiers as brave as to kill us.”

How my ancestor Sultan Selim Khan forgave that soldier, I would forgive Mustafa Kemal, as well. Since my armies need a brave soldier like Mustafa Kemal, so I forgive Mustafa Kemal and send him to the service of the nation.


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