Charles of Germany taken prisoner Francois of France, following the Pavye War on 24th of February 1525, and Francois’ mother Duchess Dangolen wrote a letter to Suleyman the Magnificent and sent it with ambassador Count Jan do Franjipan.

The letter of the queen as below:

“ I had left my son’s freedom to the fairness of Charles. But, he is insulting my son. I entreaty you to make my son free with your great world sovereignty, and grand power that the world recognised”.

Therefore, Sultan Suleyman sent two letters to both to the queen and to Francois and he said:

“You! Francois, the King of French province! You have sent a letter to us with your ambassador and informed us about the enemy that entered to your country and imprisoned you. So, you asked our favour for your freedom. It is not bizarre for a sovereign to be defeated or to be imprisoned. Do not worry about it. We have taken our arms and have been riding our horses for days and nights. Every thing will be as the God wishes”.

The German Emperor Charles, was defeated in the Mohac War and he went in fear with the siege of Vienna and he freed Francois.

Interestingly, Sultan Suleyman addresses the French King as,  “You! Francois, the king of the French province”. This addressing reveals that, Kanuni saw France as a small province and the French King as a governor.


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