As all the other minorities of the Ottoman Empire, the Armenians lived in welfare and peace for centuries. The Armenians never massacred by the Turkish army. On the contrary, they have always been in the significant positions of the government and society.


*Agop Gircikyan - Counsellor of the first Turkish Ambassador, Resid Pasha.

*Krikor Agaton- Chairman of the Ottoman Post and Telegram Office (1848-50).

*Sahak Abro- General secretary of the Ministry of International Affairs (1850-).

*Sebuh Laz- Secretary in the Turkish Embassy in Paris (1863).

*Krikor Odyan- Principle of the International courts.

*Serkis Effendi- First Secretary of Ministry of International Affairs (1870-1871)

*Ovakim K. Reisyan- Judge

*Artin Dadyan Paa- Counsellor in Ministry of foreign Affairs (1880)

*Diran Aleksan Bey- Ottoman Ambassador for Belgium (1862)

*Yetvart Zohrab Effendi- Ottoman Ambassador for London (1838-1839)

*Hirant Duz Bey- Ottoman Ambassador for Italy (1900-1907)

*Hovsep Misakyan Effendi- Ottoman Ambassador for La Haye (1900-1907)

*Sarkis Balyan- Turkish Consulate for Italy (1900)

*Azaryan Manuk-Counsellor of Ministry of Foreign Affairs

*Kapriyel Noradunkyan-Minister of Foreign Affairs (1912)

*Agop Kazazyan Pasha- Minister of Finance

*Mikael Portukal Pasha- Counsellor of the Ministry of Finance (1886)

*Sakiz Ohannes Pasha- General Secretary of Ministry of Foreign Affairs (1871), Minister of Finance (1897)

*Garabet Artin Davut Pasha- Ottoman Ambassador for Vienna (1856-1857), Governor of Lebanon (1861), Minister of Internal Affairs (1868)

*Krikor Sinopyan- Minister of Internal Affairs

*Krikor Agaton- Chairman of PTT (1864)

*Jorj Serpos Effendi- General Secretary of Turkish Communication (1868)

*Osgan Mardikyan-Minister of Communication (1913)

*Tomas Terziyan, Nisan Gugasyan, Tavit Circiyan- Professors of Political Science.

*Krikor Zohrab, Bedros Hallaciyan- Istanbul deputies

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