The Wives of the Sultans



Wife (the certain informations are written in bold fonts )

Osman I

1- Mal Hatun: She is the daugther of Abdulaziz bey, the vizier of Anatolian Selcuk State and she is the mother of Orhan Ghazi
2- Rabi'a Bala Hatun;She is the daughter of Sheyh Edebali and mother of Shehzade Alaaddin


1- Nilufer Hatun: She is the daughter of the Prince of Yarhisar and mother of Murad I and Shehzade Kasım. Her real name was Holofira
2- Asporca Hatun: She is the daughter of the Emperor of Byzantine and mothers of Shehzade Ibrahim and Fatma Hatun
3- Theodora Hatun: An emperor's daughter and mother of Shehzade Halil
4- Eftandise Hatun:Daughter of Mahmud Alp.

Murad I

1- Gulcicek Hatun: Mother of Bayezid I and Yahshi Bey
2- Marya Thamara Hatun:Daughter of the King of Bulgaria
3- Pasha Melek Hatun: Daughter of Kızıl Murad
4- Fulane Hatun: Daughter of a nobleman from the Candaroglu State
5- Fulane Hatun: Daughter of a Bulgarian nobleman

Bayezid I

1- Germiyan Devlet Shah Hatun:Mothers of Isa, Mustafa and Musa
2- Devlet Hatun: she was a Germiyen as well and she is the mother of Sultan Mehmed Celebi and she is the first Mother Sultana
3- Hafsa Hatun: Daughter of Isa bey the ruler of the Aydınoglu State
4- Sultan Hatun: Daughter of Suleyman Shah the ruler of the Dulkadiroglu State
5- Marya Olivera Despina Hatun: Daughter of Lazar the King of Serbia

Mehmed I

1- Sheh-zade Kumru Hatun: Granddaughter of a pasha from Amasya
2- Emine Hatun:Daughter of Mehmed from Dulkadiroglu State and the mother of Murad II

Murad II

1- Alime Hatun: from the Dulkadiroglu State
2- Yeni Hatun: Daughter of Mahmud Bey from Amasya
3- Huma Hatu: Daughter of a man named Abdullah and mother of Mehmed the conqueror. It is said that, she was nonmuslim but it is certain that she was converted to Islam after her marriage.
4- Tacunnisa Hatice Halime Hatun: Daughter of Isfendiyar the ruler of the Candaroglu State
5- Mara Hatun:She was childless and she was an orthodox. She was Mehmed the Conqueror's stepmother. She was the daughter of Corc Bronkovisch the prince of Serbia

Mehmed II

1- Gulbahar Hatun: mothers of Bayezid II and Gevher Sultana
2- Gulshah Hatun: Daughter of Ibrahim Bey a nobleman from the Karamanoglu State.
3- Sitti Mukrime Hatun: Daughter of Suleyman Bey ruler of the Dulkadiroglu State.
4- Cicek Hatun:Daughter of a Turkoman noble
5- Helene Hatun: Daughter of Demetrus the Prince of Mora.
6- Anna Hatun: Daughter of the Emperor of Trabzon, their marriage did not last for so long.
7- Alexias Hatun: A Byzantine Princess .

Bayezid II

1- Nigar Hatun: She was the mothers of Shehzade Korkut and Fatma Sultana. She was the daughter of Abdullah Vehbi
2- Sirin Hatun: Daughter of Abdullah and mother of Shehzade Abdullah
3- Gulruh Hatun: Daughter of Abdulhayy and mothers of Alemshah and Kamer Sulta
4- Bulbul Hatun: Daughter of Abdullah and mothers of Shehzade Ahmed and Hundi Sultan
5- Husnushah Hatun: Daughter of Nasuh Bey from Karamanoglu State
6- Gulbahar Hatun: Daughter of Abdussamed and most probably she was the mother of Selim I.
7- Ferahshad Hatun: Daughter of Mehmed the Governor of Kefe and mother of Mehmed
8- Ayse Hatun: Daughter of Alaauddevle Bozkurd from the Dulkadiroglu State and some historians think that she was the mother of Selim I.

Selim I

1- Ayse Hatun: Daughter of Mengli Giray I and mothers of Beyhan and Shah Sultan
2- Ayse Hafsa Hatun: Mothers of Suleyman I, Hatice, Fatma and Hafsa

Süleyman I

1- Hurrem Haseki Sultana: Daughter of an Ukraninan ordothox priest or she was a French or Italian concubine. She was the mothers of Mehmed and Selim II.
2- Mahidevran Kadın: Daughter of Abdullah and mother of Shehzade Mahmud
3- Gulfem Hatun: She was a concubine and she gave birth to Shehzade Murad
4- Fulane Hatun: Daughter of Abdullah and mother of Shehzade Mahmud

Selim II

1- Nurbanu Sultan: She was an Italian concubine and she gave birth to Murad III

Murad III

1- Safiye Mother Sultana (Venetian Baffo): She was a concubine and she gave birth to Mehmed III and Ayse Sultana. She was the most interfering mother in the Ottoman dynasty.
2- Shems-i Ruhsar Haseki; mother of Rukkiyye Sultana. She established a trust in Medina
3- Shah-i Huban Haseki
4- Naz-perver Haseki

Mehmed III

1- Handan Mother Sultana:mother of Ahmed I
2- Fulane Mother Sultana: She was a Caucassian and she gave birth to Mustafa I
3- Fulane Haseki: She was the mother of Shehzade Mahmud
4- Fulane Haseki: She was the mother of Shehzade Selim

Ahmed I

1- Hatice Mahfiruz Sultana:She was the mother of Young Osman
2- Kosem Sultana (Mahpeyker Sultan): She was the mother of Murad IV and she is the most famous women of the Ottoman harem.
3- Fatma Haseki: She was a concubine.

Osman II

1- Akile (Rukiyye) Hanım: She was daughter of Sheyhulislam Esad Efendi and she was exceptionally a free women married a sultan.
2- Ayse Hanım:She was the grandaughter of Pertev Pasha

Murad IV

1- Ayse Haseki Sultan


1- Hatice Turhan (Tarhan) Mother Sultana: She was a Russian concubine and she gave birth to Mehmed IV
2- Saliha Dil-asub Mother Sultana:She was the mother of Suleyman
3- Hatice Muazzez Sultana: She was the mother of Ahmed II
4- Huma Shah Haseki Sultan (Telli Haseki): Sultan Ibrahim's favourite concubine.
5- Ayse Sultan 4.
6- Mah-i Enver Sultan:She was the fifth wife of Sultan Ibrahim
7- Shivekar Sultan: She was the sixth or the seventh wife of Sultan Ibrahim

Mehmed IV

1- Meh-pare Emetullah Rabi'a Gulnush Mother Sultana: She was known as Gulnush Sultana. She was the daughter of a Cretan family and she was the mothers of Mustafa II and Ahmed III
2- Afife Kadin
3- Gulnar Kadin
4- Kaniye Haseki
5- Siyavush Haseki

Suleyman II

1- Hatice Haseki: She was the first wife
2- Behzat Haseki
3- Ivaz Haseki
4- Sulun Haseki
5- Sheh-suvar Haseki
6- Zeyneb Haseki

Ahmed II

1- Rabi'a Haseki Sultana: She was known as Haseki Sultana.

Mustafa II

1- Ali-cenab:She was the Sultan's favorute
2- Sheh-Suvar Mother Sultana: She was the mother of Osman III
3- Saliha Sebkati Mother Sultana: She was a concubine and gave birth to Mahmud I
4- Huma Shah Haseki
5- Afife Haseki
6- Hatice Haseki

His concubines

7- Hafsa Sultan: Although it was said that, she was the third favourite of the Sultan she was most probably a concubine
8- Hanife Hatun: Second or third concubine
9- Fatma Shahin Hatun

Ahmed III


1- Emetullah: First wife
2- Rukıyye: Second wife
3- Emine Mihrishah :She was the mother of Mustafa III
4- Hatice
5- Rabi'a Shermi Kadin
6- Zeyneb Kadın
7- Emine Musall Kadin
8- Hanife Kadın
9- Gulshen Kadin
10- Ummu Gulsum Kadin
11- Hurrem Kadin
12- Meyli Kadin
13- Fatma Huma Shah Kadin
14- Nijad Kadin
15- Nazife Kadin


16- Shayeste Sultan
17- Ayse Hanım:Second or third concubine.
18- Hatem Hatun

Mahmud I


1- Hace Ali-cenab: First wife
2- Hace Ayse Kadin
3- Hace Verd-i Naz: Fourth wife
4- Hatice Rami: Sixth wife
5- Hatem: Second wife
6- Raziye Kadin


7- Meyyase Hanim:First concubine
8- Fehmi Hanim:Second concubine.
9- Habbabe Hanim
10- Sirri Hanim

Osman III


1- Leyla: First wife
2- Zevki: Third wife
3- Ferhunde Emine: Fourth wife

Mustafa III


1- Avn'ul-Hayat: First wife
2- Mihr-i Shah Mother Sultana: First wife of Sultan Mustafa III and mother of Selim III.
3- Rif'at : Second wife
4- Ayse Adil-shah: Third wife
5- Fehmi: Third wife
6- Binnaz: Third wife

Abdulhamid I


1- Ayse Sine-perver Mother Sultana:She was the mother of Mustafa IV and the fourth wife of Sultan Abdulhamid
2- Naksh-i Dil Mother Sultana: She was th mother of Mahmud II. She was the second concubine of Abdulhamid later she became a wife
3- Hatice Ruh-shah: First wife
4- Huma Shah: First wife
5- Ayse: First wife
6- Binnaz: Second wife
7- Dilpezir
8- Mehtabe: Fourth wife
9- Misl-i Na-yab
10- Mu'teber
11- Nevres: Third wife
12- Fatma Sheb-safa: Fourth wife
13- Mihriban: Third wife


14- Nukhet-seza Hanimefendi: First concubine
15- Ayse Hanımefendi: Second concubine.

Selim III

1- Nef-i Zar: First wife
2- Husn-i Mah: First wife
3- Zib-i Fer: Second wife
4- Afitab: Third wife
5- Re'fet: Fourth wife
6- Nur-i Shems
7- Gonca-nigar
8- Dem-hosh
9- Tab-i Safa: Third wife
10- Ayn-i Safa
11- Mahbube


12- Meryem Hanimefendi
13- Mihriban Hanimefendi
14- Fatma Fer-i cihan Hanimefendi

Mustafa IV


1- Shevr-i Nur: First wife
2- Dil-pezir: Second wife
3- Seyyare: Third wife
4- Peyk-i Dil: Fourth wife

Mahmud II


1- Bezm-i Alem Mother Sultana: Mother of Abdulmecid I
2- Pertev-niyal (Nihal) Mother Sultana: Mother of Sultan Abdulaziz'in and the fifth wife of Sultan Mahmud II
3- Haciye Pertev-Piyale Nev-fidan: First wife
4- Ali-cenab: First wife
5- Fatma: First wife
6- Asub-i Can: Second wife
7- Haciye Hosh-yar: Second wife
8- Nurtab: Fourth wife
9- Misl-i Na-yab: Second wife
10- Perviz-felek: Fourth wife
11- Vuslat: Third wife
12- Zer-nigar: Third wife
13- Ebr-i Reftar: Second wife


14- Husn-i Melek Hanimefendi: First concubine
15- Zeyn-i Felek Hanimefendi: Second concubine
16- Tiryal Hanimefendi: Third concubine
17- Lebriz-Felek Hanımefendi: Fourth concubine

Abdulmecid I


1- Servet-seza: First wife
2- Shevk-efza Mother Sultana: Mother of Murad V and second wife of Sultan Abdulmecid
3- Hosh-yar: Second wife
4- Tir-i Mujgan Mother Sultana:She was the third wife of Abdulmecid I and mother of Abdulhamid II
5- Verd-i Cenan: Third wife
6- Gul-cemal: Fourth wife
7- Rahime Perestu Mother Sultana: Fourth wife. She gave birth to Abdulhamid II
8- Gulistu (Gülistan):Fourth wife
9- Duzd-i Dil: Third wifei
10- Bezmi (Bezmara): Sixth Wife
11- Mahitab:Fifth wife


12- Nalan-i Dil Hanimefendi: Third concubine.
13- Ceylan-yar Hanimefendi: Second concubine.
14- Ayse Ser-firaz Hanımefendi:Second concubine. She was a very notorious woman.
15- Nergis (Nergizu) Hanimefendi: Fourth concubine
16- Navek-misal Hanimefendi:Fourth concubine
17- Nesrin Hanimefendi: Second concubine
18- Shayeste Hanimefendi:Fourth concubine
19- Nukhet-seza Hanimefendi:First concubine


20- Yıldiz Hanimefendi: Second favorite
21- Saf-derun Hanımefendi: Fourth favorite
22- Husn-i Cenan Hanımefendi:Third favorite



1- Durr-i Nev: First wife
2- Hayran-i Dil: Second wife
3- Eda-Dil: Second wife
4- Nes'erek (Nesrin): Third wife
5- Gevheri: Fourth wife

Murad V


1- Elru Mevhibe: First wife
2- Reftar-i Dil: Second wife
3- Shayan: Third wife
4- Meyl-i Servet: Fourth wife


5- Resan Hanimefendi:First concubine
6- Cevher-riz Hanimefendi:Second concubine
7- Nev-Dürr Hanımefendi: Third concubine
8- Remish-Naz Hanimefendi
9- Filiz-ten Hanimefendi


10- Visal-i Nur Hanim: Concubine

Abdulhamid II


1- Nazik-eda: First wife
2- Bedr-i Felek:First wife
3- Safi-naz Nur-efzun:Second wife/strong>
4- Bidar:Second wife
5- Dilpesend: Third wife
6- Mezide Mestan: Third wife
7- Emsal-i Nur: Third wife
8- Ayse Dest-i Zer Musfika (Kayihan): Fourth wife


9- Saz-kar Hanimefendi: First concubine
10- Peyveste Hanimefendi: Second concubine
11- Fatma Pesende Hanimefendi:Third concubine
12- Behice (Maan) Hanımefendi:Fourth concubine
13- Saliha Naciye Hanımefendi: Fourth concubine


14- Durdane Hanim:Favorite
15- Calibos Hanım: Second favorite
16- Nazliyar Hanım: Third favorite

Mehmed Resat

1- Kam-res : First wife
2- Durr-i And: Second wife
3- Mihr-engiz: Second wife
4- Naz-perver: Third wife
5- Dil-firib: Fourth wife

Mehmed VI


1- Emine Nazik-eda: First wife
2- Sadiye Meveddet: Second wife
3- Insirah
4- Nevvare: Third wife
5- Ni'met Nev-zad

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