Timar was the lands with 1.000 and 20.000 akces of annual income and these lands  were given to the cavalry soldiers of the Ottoman Empire. With the Timar System the lands were cultivated and the state organised a strong military force without incurring any expenses and the economy had developed. But, appearing malpractice and bribing in this system, were two of the reasons that degenerated the empire and led it to collapse.

According to Timar Law;

1) Owners of “timar” were the state officials and they had to work under the command of the administrative centre.

2) “Timar” owners failed to practice their duties were dismissed.

3) Rights of “Timar” could not be inherited or pass by another.

4) Timar owners were responsible to do the duties given by the government.

5) If the “Timar” owner would not join to the campaigns without an excuse the timar would be taken from him

6) If the owner of the shared timar would not come on his turn, his timar would be taken away.

7) On death of owners of Timar their sword parts would be given to their sons.

8) If one had martyred in a war more than sword part would be given to his heir.

Invaded lands were divided according to their incomes and given to the cavalry joined to the campaign. Timar incomes and expenses were registered in the Account Office.

Timar owners used the public lands in the name of the state, and the villager recognised him as the master. Timar owner was responsible for the security of the lands and the habitants.


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