It was an agreement, signed on 29th September of 1808, and with which Ayan Meclisi was accepted in the government.

Grand vizier Alemdar Mustafa Pasha summoned the notables of the state to discuss the situation of the state. The ayans of Anatolia and Rumelia were accepted by the Sultan in the Caglayan Pavilion.

The decisions of this agreement, which became a historical event with the name of Sened-I Ittıfak, were;

1-The orders of the Sultan will be valid at everywhereand in any situation.2-The state taxes will be collected regularly and ayans will keep their promises about this matter without deficiency.

3-During the time of recruitment for the state those who are against will be punished.

The Sultan Mahmud II signed a hatt-I Humayun, which retifies these taking decisions.


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