This front was opened following, Britain’s occupation of Bahrain, on 15th October 1914 and Basra, on 23rd November 1914. Britain’s aim was to dominate the petrol resources in these regions. The Ottoman forces, supported by natives soldiers could not have resisted against the occupation and Britain also captured Ahvaz, in Iran.

Captain Suleyman Bey was appointed as the front commander, on 20th December 1914. In order to recapture Basra, he gathered the clans in the region and all the military forces together and attacked to the British troops, on 12th April 1915. But, he failed in Suaybiye war and, retreated to Kutulamare where he committed suicide. The British forces under the command of General Townshend invaded Kutulamare in order to occupy Baghdad. The Turkish army, stopped them in Selmanpak, after very bloody wars and the British, retreated on 26th November 1915. The British army was blockade in Kutulamare, on 8th December 1915, and, they were surrendered on 28th April 1916, after resisting for five months. 13.399 soldiers including general Townshend were taken prisoners.

Although some of the British troops came to assist General Townshend, in the beginning of 1916, they were oppressed in Homedan in Iran. As the British troops gained power in the beginning of 1917, they marched through Baghdad under the command of General Maude and the Turkish troops commanded by Halil Pasha left the city.

The Turks’ intention to recapture Baghdad was failed as the British invaded Samerra. After this victory they forwarded to Musul. The Turks united the 6th Army and the 7th and this new army commanded by General Falkenhayn, was named as the Thunder Army Group. Their aim was to occupy Baghdad. While the preparations were took place in Halep, the British moved forward to Tikrit.

The British Army that become properly strong with the support they expected, could not have entered Musul, where the oil wells were located. But, they unfortunately occupied Musul due to the Mondros Armistice, in 3rd November 1918.


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