It is the treaty signed between the Ottoman EmpireFirst Balkan War. With this treaty, the borders of Turkey, Greece and Bulgaria were drawn.

As the Ottoman Empire was defeated in the First Balkan War, the Turks had left Thrace and a grand part of Edirne to Bulgaria. The Ottoman Empire captured Edirne back, by taking advantage of the difficult situation that, Bulgaria faced after the Second Balkan War (30th July 1913). In the Second Balkan War; the Bulgarian Army was fighting in two different fronts, at last the Bulgarian government wanted to cease fire and this treaty was signed in Istanbul. With the Treaty of Istanbul, London Agreement ’s article about Bulgaria and the Ottoman Empire was cancelled. According to the Istanbul Treaty;

1) Western Thrace was left to Bulgaria.

2) Edirne was left to the Ottoman Empire.

3) The Turks living in Bulgaria were given permission to immigrate Turkey, in four years. To the ones preferring to remain in Bulgaria, religious liberty was given.


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