It was signed between the Ottomans and Russians.

After, the revolt of Mehmed Ali Pasha in Egypt, in order to provide the state security; Sultan Mahmut II demanded help from Russia. France favoured Mehmet Ali Pasha and the sultan tried to find the way of an agreement with Mehmet Ali Pasha. The Russian fleet passed the Black Sea and anchored to Buyukdere. Thus, France and United Kingdom tried to reconcile the sultan and Mehmet Ali Pasha and Kutahya Agreement was signed, on 14th May of 1833. The governor of Egypt Mehmet Ali Pasha, to guarantee his future proposed an alliance to the Russian Char and as Char accepted this proposal, Hunkar Iskelesi Agreement was signed.

According to the agreement:

1)     Both states will guard for each other’s security and peace.

2) The articles of Edirne Agreement signed in 1829 will be accepted by this agreement.

3) Russia will support the Ottoman army and navy, if a necessity occurs.

4) The side demanding for help will provide all the expenses of other side.

5) Agreement will be valid for eight years.

6) This defence agreement will be approved in two months and approved copies were going to be changed mutually.

Moreover, there was a concealed article that; if Russia enters a war with any European country, the Ottoman Empire will close the Dardanelles for the passage, to assist Russia.


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