It is the treaty signed among England, Austria-Hungary, France, Germany, Russia and the Ottoman Empire; to replace the Ayastefanos Agreement signed after the 1877-1878 Ottoman-Russia war.

A congress assembled in Berlin in 13th June due to the official statement clarified by the minister of Foreign Affairs of Austria. Decisions had been made considering the benefits of England and Austria-Hungary Empire.

According to this treaty :

1) The independence of Serbia, and Romania were conditionally appropriated.

2) Crete was left to the Ottoman Empire.

3) Russia left Dogubayezit and Eleskirt to the Ottoman Empire.

4) Bulgaria became an independent princedom and the provinces of Eastern Roumelia and Macedonia were left to the Ottoman Empire but they were divided into three parts.

5) The compensation that the Ottoman Empire should pay to Russia was reduced to 802.500 Franks and installed.


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